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A lot has been going on in 3Soft. We have changed our organizational and legal form, we are opening a new branch, we take on new staff … This entails organizational changes. In 3Soft there is a rule that whatever we undertake, we always do our best to carry it out professionally. So in order to support the changes taking place within the company, we are currently implementing a project entitled “A Higher Level of Maturity: competence, professionalism and efficiency.”

Thanks to the commitment of the whole team we have prepared job descriptions and a competency model, we are also developing career paths and a system of incentives.

At the end of November we organized a workshop called “The new ABC of HR at 3Soft SA”. We talked about tasks performed at different positions. We also defined the general values that are of key importance in our company: honesty, competence, partnership, resourcefulness, respect and passion.

Project No. WND-POKL.08.01.01-24-035/11 “A Higher Level of Maturity: competence, professionalism and efficiency.” Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, Measure 8.1, Measure 8.1.1 OP HC.