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Since the beginning of 2013 we have been executing the project “3Soft focuses on innovation: Demand more! From software to hosting , infrastructure as a service ( IaaS ) and interactive multimedia communication” under the “Regional Operational Programme of the Silesia Voivodeship – real response to real needs”.
The aim of the project is to broaden the scope of the offered services. One of the ways we want to achieve this is through investment activities. Under the project we have created:

  • a new server room
  • a mobile training room
  • a video conference room.

The implementation of the planned investments by creating an effective and functional technical infrastructure in the form of a new server room allows us to provide customers with comprehensive services: VPS, IaaS, e-mail and web hosting. An additional benefit for our customers and partners, especially foreign ones, is the possibility of remote communication and establishing remote business contacts. The video conference room built for this purpose makes it easy for customers and partners to contact analysts, project managers and 3Soft system architects, and enables direct interactive conversations with virtually no territorial restrictions. Also, thanks to the investment in a technologically advanced solution trainings can be held at client’s premises.

Project implementation results:

  • increased competitiveness of the 3Soft’s offer
  • improved 3Soft-client communication
  • increased efficiency of project work
  • reduced time and costs both for clients and 3Soft.


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Background information on the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesia Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013 can be found at

The cost of the project: PLN 1,062,843.00, including the EU contribution: PLN 518,460.00.

The project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesia Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013.