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Positive relationships with employees are one of the key focuses of the “Business Fair Play” programme. Establishing and maintaining positive employer-employee relations from the very beginning of the company’s existence is a challenge and goal that 3Soft has always prioritized.
In the 16th edition of the “Business Fair Play” programme conducted under the slogan It is people who make the company we were awarded the “Business Fair Play 2013” Title and Gold Certificate. This year special attention was paid to how companies care about the quality of employer-employee and employee-employee relations.
“Business Fair Play” is a nationwide programme in which all aspects of business are evaluated, including the manner and style of business management, and not just economic performance or the quality of products. The idea behind the programme is to encourage all companies in Poland to practice ethical behavior and not only introduce appropriate changes in the internal organization of work, but also develop positive relationships with the local community and care about the natural environment.

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