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3Soft is a Strategic Partner of GVT BMC 3SOFT Triathlon Team

1 June 2020

3Soft has joined the group of Strategic Partners of the most successful professional triathlon team in Poland – GVT BMC Triathlon Team.

Established in 2017, the GVT BMC team boasts over 100 victories, including 46 Elite and Triathlon National Championships medals. It has participated in the most prestigious triathlon events in the world, including the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. In the coming season, the GVT BMC 3SOFT Triathlon Team will be represented by: Paulina Kotfica, Aleksandra Jędrzejewska and Tomasz Brembor. Michał Rajca and Marcin Tomczak will compete in the Age Group category.

“What we share with GVT BMC is a common philosophy of action – that both in sport and business fair play, passion, perseverance and professionalism matter most. As a Strategic Partner of GVT BMC 3SOFT, we want to grow together and achieve our top goals – in sport and in business. Our cooperation will have a multi-level character. In addition to providing financial support to talented athletes, we want to support GVT BMC with our experience in advanced data analysis and the use of Artificial Intelligence to make strategic decisions. Analytical models, which we have been successfully using for years in commercial projects, will prove to be a great help in achieving sports goals.” – says Kamil Folkert, PhD, CTO, Board Member of 3Soft.

The originator and author of GVT BMC team’s success is Zbyszek Gucwa, a former professional cyclist and winner of 453 medals, a coach of Polish National Champions in triathlon in the PRO and age-group categories and a coordinator of the Polish Army triathlon team.

“We look forward to working with 3Soft. What particularly appreciate the fact that, in spite of the difficult times, 3Soft has trusted us and has decided to become our partner. This gives us extra motivation. We have long-term plans and we cannot wait to compete in races again.” – says Zbigniew Gucwa, Sports Director and Coach of GVT BMC 3SOFT.

The cooperation between GVT BMC and 3Soft will include mutual promotion and joint charity events. Experienced GVT BMC coaches and athletes will also support 3Soft team members in achieving their individual sports goals and will help them prepare for amateur cross-country and triathlon competitions. In turn, through advanced data analysis, 3Soft will assist the GVT BMC coaches and athletes in optimizing their training plans, selecting races for the starting season and suggesting racing strategies.