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3Soft on ML in nuclear power stations

3 October 2019

On 3-4 October, the 21st Informative and Training Symposium “Diagnostics and Overhauls of Power Equipment” was held in Katowice. During the event, Michał Krzesiak, a Member of the Management Board and COO at 3Soft, delivered a lecture on “Machine Learning in the process of core inspection in nuclear power plants”.
The aim of the lecture was to present a wide range of applications of Machine Learning in the area of Predictive Maintenance in the power industry, based on a case study of the use of advanced data analytics in the process of core inspection in nuclear power plants. In collaboration with a leading supplier of vision inspection systems for the nuclear industry, 3Soft has developed dedicated software that automates the process of detecting damage and deviations of fuel rod bundles. Specialized vision systems supported by the software developed by 3Soft are used in 160 nuclear power plants in 20 countries around the world.