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Corporate changes

3Soft S.A. informs about a new announcement from the Company:

Announcement No.: 80786

Monitor No.: 30/2023

Publication date: 2023-02-13


On 31.01.2023, KRS entry No. 52 was made with the following content: Section 2 Rub. 2. Supervisory body 1 (for item: 1. SUPERVISORY BOARD) PRub. Details of persons comprising the body delete: 1 1. BIEŃKOWSKI 2. DAWID 3. 80040405016 enter: 2 1. DANOWSKI 2. PRZEMYSŁAW 3. 82060708139

The announcement has been translated. The original content is posted in Polish in the Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy and on the Polish version of the website.