AI platforms for Data-Driven Retail

At 3Soft, we design and run dedicated AI platforms for the retail industry that allow collecting, processing and analysis of large data sets. By combining the services of Artificial Intelligence, Data Management and Business Automation, we extract business value from data.


Sales Forecasting

Daily sales forecasts (at a store/item level) based on sales receipts, supported by external attributes, such as marketing actions, weather, seasonality of products, holiday periods and special events, applied when required.
Sales forecasts for seasonal stores and freshly launched products with no sales history.

Demand Forecasting

Using sophisticated AI algorithms to detect upcoming trends and generate demand forecasts (at a warehouse/product group level).

Allocation & Automatic Replenishment

Automatic recognition of a store’s uniqueness with respect to currently offered items, based on collected detailed sales data (at the level of receipts and receipt items) along with automatic replenishment.

Demand Management

Automatic generation of replenishment commands based on demand forecasts to maintain optimal stock levels.

Continuous Anomaly Detection

Constant monitoring of data and sales processes for anomalies (such as outliers and specific operational problems in stores) and generating alerts in real time, enabling immediate reactions in undesirable situations (e.g. lack of exposure of goods in the store).

Real-time Performance Reporting

Live reporting of current sales data and KPIs monitoring, refreshed every 10 minutes.

AI Platforms

Data Lake

We build our platforms based on the Data Lake architecture, which enables secure and efficient processing of structured and unstructured data from various sources, such as: POS, warehouses, e-commerce or supply chain data.

Machine Learning

The use of advanced statistical methods and Machine Learning, taking into account a number of factors specific to the retail industry that affect sales (weather, temperature, special offers, seasonality) allows us to identify trends with high probability, predict demand for products offered, optimize replenishment and increase sales by just-in-time matching the offer to individual customer needs.


Due to the application of the latest technologies, our analytical platform offers unlimited possibilities to build and prototype new system levels that support business processes while analyzing terabytes of data.

A set of multifunctional analytical tools to capture, transform, query, optimize and predict, as well as sophisticated and detailed security policies to seamlessly generate millions of accurate forecasts on a daily basis.

Agnostic approach to integration with multiple data sources, optimized tool and technology architecture and precise calibration to meet the specific requirements of the retail industry enable effective support of business processes at every stage of the value stream/product flow from the manufacturer to the end customer.

What make us special?

Platforms dedicated to the retail industry
Advanced analytics based on Machine Learning and Data Science
Omnichannel approach to data analysis


Let's meet and talk about cooperation

We understand the specificity of the retail industry and we know how individual the needs of each sector are. That is why we start designing a dedicated platform by holding workshops with the client, during which we analyze the situation, identify business opportunities and consider the available data and processes that can be optimized through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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