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3Soft and Netology were one of the first companies which started to cooperate with Hortonworks, a world leader in BIG DATA. The term BIG DATA means a set of data characterized by a huge quantity, variability and diversity. The Apache Hadoop solution offered by Hortonworks functions as a storage and efficiently processes even petabytes of data.

As part of the technology partnership, 3Soft deals with the implementation of the Hadoop platform, creating solutions adjusted to the customer and the industry in which he operates.


IBM is a company whose solutions in information technology are known all over the world. Its certified training sessions enable its partners to deepen their knowledge about IBM products, and then resell and implement them.

The offers of 3Soft and IBM include products of similar kind and quality, but targeted at customers from different levels. To fully meet the needs of corporate clients, 3Soft offers implementation and adaptation of solutions developed by IBM. Thanks to this, geographical barriers and ethics of large companies have ceased to be an issue.

The cooperation between both companies focuses on solutions for system integration and automation of business processes through the implementation of workflow software.

Dell EMC

Dell EMC (until recently EMC Corporation) is an American corporation, which produces content management systems and data storage. It’s also 3Soft’s important partner in area of Professional Services. Taking the opportunity of synergy, in form of 3Soft’s competences which are available locally in Poland and Europe and global position od Dell EMC as one of the greatest players on the IT market, together we provide services in Big Data and analytics field.


Natural partners for each company are ones operating on their doorstep. This is the case with 3Soft and netology, a company specializing in outsourcing and consulting services. 3Soft works closely with its neighbor not only in the area of promotion and marketing; together, we offer comprehensive services in the Big Data which are customized for the client and his industry. We design, develop, launch and maintain the Big Data architecture.

Marketing partnership based on mutual promotion of products and services, exchange of information materials and participation in marketing events organized by the partner, in our case has been enriched by neighborly friendship. The proximity of the two companies guarantees a fuller understanding of the vision of the solutions offered by 3Soft and netology.