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PAX Platform

PAX is “an open box”. It’s something between a standard ready software and dedicated IT solution

Michał Koziara

CEO, 3Soft S.A.

Secure information flow, interactive forms and reports, document management and a system of notifications- this and many other possibilities result from the implementation of the PAX platform.

Platform possibilities

PAX is an advanced platform created from tailor-made modules, whose task is to support the broadly understood business processes in the IT area. It is dedicated to customers with high IT demands. Advanced technology and functionality ensure the implementation of a system that is friendly to use and which can integrate all the systems responsible for data and document management. As a result of its ability to implement various modules, the PAX platform is an open box – a multi-purpose tool able to fully match the needs of your business.


Improves the flow of information and documents and allows you to monitor it


Helps you create interactive forms which you can publish via a web browser


Allows you to create and generate individual documents


A tool for designing and generation of reports


Created to manage managerial desktops


Allows you to manage content and create web applications


Responsible for the collection and management of documents


A system of notifications

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