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Boulebar is a chain of entertainment points belonging to Boulebar Sverige AB. The company owns five boulebars in Sweden which offer boule playing lanes and food and beverage services.

Need for development

Due to the inefficient lane reservation system in the Boulebar points, the client identified the need to improve the management of communication with lane users and to enhance information management. A decision was made to launch an online lane and table reservation system. It was assumed that with a custom online booking application, it will be possible to reduce customer service costs while increasing sales.The business and IT analyses carried out by 3Soft revealed problems in the integration of the IT Boulebar network system application, and validated the need to expand the system functionalities by online booking. Through 3Soft’s recommendations, first the applications operating in Boulebar were integrated, followed by the development and implementation of an online booking system.

Original solution

Delivered in just six months, the solution is an original, reliable and stable online booking system. The application has been integrated with all information systems of the client, such as reporting, accounting and data collection. As a result of the implemented solution, all the information is collected and stored in a single system. The application integration and the implementation of the online booking system allowed for significant improvement of the information management process.


of all bookings are now made online

From the IT perspective

The following IT technologies were used to implement the solution: ASP .NET 4.0, WCF, Adobe Flex 4, Entity Framework 4.1, AJAX, FastReport 1.5.1. The system uses the MS SQL database and MS IIS 2008.
The system has been integrated with the systems used by the client: e-conomic and POS (Point of Sales).
As a continuation of the cooperation, 3Soft responded to new business needs of the client and supplied an additional solution, i.e. an automated game process allowing the automatic counting of points and communication via a touch screen.

Optimized and more efficient work practices of the restaurant staff

Better internal work co-ordination

Improved information management process

Increased efficiency of the conducted business activity

Adaptation of forms of service/communication to customer needs

Achieving the launch of a new sales channel