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EDF Paliwa

EDF Paliwa is one of the two largest buyers of steam coal in Poland. The company is associated with the global leader in the energy market – the EDF Group. EDF Paliwa supplies production fuels to all EDF Group power stations and heat and power plants in Poland, as well as utilizes fly ash and slag (combustion by-products) produced and stored by EDF Kraków S.A.

Cost optimization

EDF seeks to optimize the costs of the functioning of IT systems for the management of logistics support of all entities within the group. The desktop system operating in the company did not live up to its expectations. It was also expensive to maintain and develop. Therefore, a decision was made to replace it with a new and cheaper web-based system that would respond better to users’ needs.

Solution - New Logistic System (NSL)

The solution developed and implemented by 3Soft allows the monitoring of logistics services. Under certain conditions, monitoring is also possible in real time. As a result of replacing the desktop solution with a modern web-based application, the tool is visible in the EDF network and can be accessed by all authorized users with accounts in the EDF domain.

From the IT perspective

The following technologies were used to implement the solution: MVC.NET 4.0 and Entity Framework 4.0. The system has been integrated with GE (dedicated EDF system), Active Directory and SAP – systems used by EDF. The system uses the SQL Server 2008 R2 database.

Increased efficiency of logistics processes management

Optimized performance and costs associated with the maintenance and development of the IT system

Improved risk management process

Ability to control and negotiate better prices in the market.