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EDF Public Portal

An attractive and engaging user interface, and a new standard for the appearance of the main portal of EDF Polska S.A., a company coordinating the activities of 11 manufacturing and service enterprises owned by an international market leader in energy – the EDF Group.

Growing needs of EDF Polska

EDF Polska saw a need to create a public web portal intended for companies interested in its offer and services. It was crucial to create a portal that would allow EDF to meet its growing business based on the Internet and mobile technologies.

Cooperation with the client

The Public Portal was designed and developed in accordance with EDF guidelines concerning its appearance and the application of the CMS Drupal platform. The UI layer of the portal is consistent with the corporate standards of EDF Polska, and its appearance was designed in accordance with the Web Responsive Design standard.


The portal is divided into areas, article categories and article pages. Thanks to a dedicated mechanism, the home page and the area pages were created based on custom layouts. The elements used include a slideshow, a content search box, thumbnails taking the user to related articles, and a dynamically built site map in the footer of the portal. An important component is a dynamic drop-down menu with an option of including additional text content, images or videos. Other functionalities include a mechanism designed to manage FAQs and the management of a site containing downloadable documents and contact forms.

Ability to manage content even with no knowledge of HTML

Compliance with EDF Central Office guidelines

Optimization of activities and costs associated with maintaining multiple versions of the portal adjusted to different screen resolutions of devices

Better image of EDF in the eyes of its customers