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Lauritzen LKPurge

Lauritzen Kosan A/S is a leader in Europe and the Mediterranean in the transport of liquefied gases. Lauritzen Kosan belongs to the Danish group J. Lauritzen, whose activities are focused on international merchant shipping.

Safety first

The priority for Lauritzen Kosan is to maintain high security and standards in an IT system which is essential when handling liquefied gas. The client had specified a need to correct occurring errors and modify the existing custom application calculating the bandwidth with which gas must be pumped for given parameters. To improve customer management processes, the application was to be extended with a functionality allowing the evaluation of work performed by individual teams.


Following the received order, 3Soft corrected the errors and implemented the necessary changes in the existing system. A functionality was added which allowed for the assessment of work performed by selected crews based on the time spent making consecutive steps of the operation of pumping one type of gas out of the facilities and pumping in another.

Solution from the IT perspective

The following IT technologies were used to implement the solution: ASP.NET Web Forms and LINQ to SQL. The modified application uses the MS SQL Server 2012 database. The system has been integrated with a dedicated Service Bus used by Lauritzen.

High quality IT services

Timely delivery of orders

Smooth and regular communication