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NFOŚiGW Collectors

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW ) is a leader in the Polish system of financing environmental protection and water management in Poland. As an institution whose goal is to provide the necessary support for projects aimed at environmental protection, for 25 years it has conducted financial activities and education throughout the country. NFOŚiGW is the administrator of domestic and foreign funding.

Business problem

Under the priority program “Support for distributed, renewable energy sources”, NFOŚiGW has granted subsidies for partial repayment of bank loans for the purchase and installation of solar collectors. Loans with a NFOŚiGW subsidy are granted by designated banks based on cooperation agreements. Along with a loan application, the Borrower submits an application for a NFOŚiGW subsidy at the bank. After the payment of the entire sum of the loan and a possible inspection of the project, the Bank claims a subsidy from NFOŚiGW for a partial repayment of the loan. The subsidy is paid out by NFOŚiGW to the account of the bank, which later forwards it to the account of the Borrower on account of the repayment of the loan capital.The data of the beneficiaries of the program were passed between the banks and NFOŚGW using MS Excel files. Great interest in the subsidies resulted in a large number of documents and human error in the entered data, which caused a decrease in the efficiency of the work of departments supporting the program and resulted in delays in the payout of funds. In order to optimize the process of applying for funds by banks and to reduce the risk of human error in the processing and analysis of applications, the Management Board of NFOŚGW decided to have a custom IT solution implemented.

Solution from the IT perspective

The technology used to implement the solution was Delphi 2007. The system uses the MS SQL 2005 database and has been integrated with the Local IT System of NFOŚiGW and the Electronic Documents Repository (RDE), which is integrated with the ePUAP platform. Additionally, Kolektor has been integrated with Lotus, SAP and iDoc systems used by NFOŚiGW.


3Soft developed and implemented a Kolektor module which supports NFOŚiGW in granting subsidies for bank loans taken out for the purchase and installation of solar collectors (panels) . The key functionality of the application and at the same time the answer to the business problem, is a possibility to automatically load XML files including data of the program Beneficiaries provided by the banks.

Optimized process of subsidy application by banks

Automated flow of beneficiaries’ data between the banks and NFOŚiGW (elimination of MS Excel files, no need to retype data between the systems)

Reduced risk of human error in the process of examining and analyzing the subsidy applications

Reduced time of the subsidy award procedure

Optimized working time due to the first verification of formal data compliance carried out automatically by the system.