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Nutrico is a medical market leader in the use of advanced technologies in clinical nutrition. Nutrico runs a hospital specializing in the preparation and delivery of unique, multicomponent mixtures for parenteral nutrition. The mixtures are prepared in the hospital pharmacy using cutting-edge technologies. Intravenous nutrition by Nutrico is tailored to the individual needs of each patient, adjusted to each day of his treatment, and delivered in a strict time and temperature regime to the indicated address.

Business problem

Nutrico bases its products on hard scientific evidence provided by Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in terms of clinical nutrition, and the available global knowledge and experience in this area. At the same time, the company never stops looking for new solutions, improvements and innovation. Nutrico had previously used a simple application for ordering medications and a separate application supporting the preparation of parenteral nutrition mixtures. However, using the two applications turned out inefficient and hindered further development of the company. That is why a decision was made to replace them with a new comprehensive, fully integrated and secure IT system that would address users’ needs better. The system is based on 3 principles:

  1. Mobility
  2. Outsourced storage of personal and sensitive data
  3. Real-time work with direct connection to drug-mixing computers

Cooperation with the client

In July 2014, the client submitted guidelines regarding the structure and functionality of the system, which served as a basis for the completion of the first part of the project. The first iteration involved rewriting the existing system and supplementing it with indicated missing components. Subsequent iterations expand the system, enrich it with new functionalities and shape its innovative character.


3Soft developed and implemented a CNS system for supporting the preparation of parenteral nutrition mixtures. It consists of three main subsystems. An application designed for doctors allows them to prepare compound medical prescriptions for both enteral and parenteral clinical nutrition and combine both treatment methods.  An application designed for pharmacists lets them process the sent prescriptions, i.e. verify their correctness, return in case of irregularities and accept corrected prescriptions for further processing. The third subsystem – administrator’s panel –  helps manage system users, as well as hospitals and departments with whom contracts have been signed. The key element that enables smooth operation of the system is that the doctor can commission the preparation of a drug for his patient even on his smartphone, and the generated e-order is at the same time a production file for the mixing device/computer in the hospital pharmacy. Since the implementation of CNS, it has become possible to process orders from hospitals located hundreds of kilometers away from the premises of Nutrico Sp. z o.o. and to provide drugs to the indicated address within 6 hours from accepting the order!

Safer preparation of mixtures thanks to reduced risk of human error

Support in the preparation of medical prescriptions through dedicated calculators for all disease entities and all patient types

Optimized planning of the purchase of components necessary for the production of mixtures thanks to a unified database storing information on the previously accepted prescriptions – the use of Big Data to limit production losses and optimize working time

Shorter planning process of patients’ nutrition (estimated time a doctor needed to draw up a regular prescription for a mixture was about 10-15 mins – with CNS it’s 10-15 seconds!)

Increased production capacity due to automatic transfer of prescriptions from the system into the mixer – reduction of manual work, automation of production, lack of excessive employment

Hospital director’s permanent access to information on the applied treatment and on-going management controlling

3Soft’s knowledge and experience in developing IT systems combined with Nutrico’s know-how have resulted in the creation of one of the most innovative pharmaceutical solutions in the field of clinical nutrition. The CNS system is used, among others, to individualize mixtures and plan their composition. This is of great importance for the effectiveness of the applied nutritional therapy from the medical perspective. Today, virtually any physician can use the CNS software in any place on Earth with access to the Internet. The CNS system benefits all: the doctor, as it reduces the patient’s nutrition planning process to the minimum, the hospital director, as he has constant access to the costs of treatment, the hospital pharmacy – as it can regularly monitor the preparation of mixtures and the supply process, and, finally, the patient himself – as he obtains safe and properly planned individualized nutrition. Research shows that the use of such computer systems reduces the risk of error by as much as 60%!

dr n. med. Łukasz Drozd

The author of calculation algorithms and solutions used in the CNS system, Nutrico