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TOYA e-commerce

Toya S.A. Group, operating in the industrial goods industry, is a leader in the Polish market of hand tools and power tools designed for both professional and home use. The Group distributes products through an extensive sales network at home and abroad.

Business problem

In 2011, Toya decided to expand its e-commerce sales channels in order to boost sales. The result were two B2C portals: and Both portals are bi-directionally integrated with SAP. As an ERP system, SAP receives final purchase orders and it is from SAP that information about the products, e.g. prices, inventory statuses, names, is collected. and use a ready-made solution – the e-commmerce platform Magento. The implementation and maintenance of Magento was outsourced to an external company specializing in the implementation of solutions of this class.

The Toya company defined a problem of a too slow operation of its online store, and a resulting significant drop in the platform utility. The problem had a direct bearing on Toya’s failure to meet its sales goals. The analyses carried out by 3Soft revealed that the entire IT solution did not function correctly on the technical level and the implemented changes, which had been designed to increase productivity, in fact generated further problems. The project prepared for Toya went beyond the standard solutions. The expectations and business goals set by the company indicated the need of adjusting the developed software to the individual needs of the Client.

Audits and analyses

A preliminary verification carried out by 3Soft revealed the main problems: operational and technical problems at the level of programming and configuration.
Key problems were defined in the following areas:

  • official website,
  • B2C systems,
  • offer system,
  • B2B system.

3Soft presented recommendations of actions to address the identified problems.
The initial audit and a declaration of cooperation were followed by an in-depth analysis of the compliance of the business objectives with the implemented e-commerce solution and its efficiency. The analysis included processes carried out by the platform functioning in Toya in terms of the mutual cooperation of the systems, and more.
The business analysis showed that as a result of the non-compliance by the platform implemented in Toya with user-friendly page standards, such as intuitiveness, easy access to comprehensive information about products on offer, or short time spent finding the wanted product, the company could not pursue the established sales targets in the e-commerce channel effectively.
During the in-depth IT analysis, the focus was put on designing a solution to the main problem identified at the initial audit stage, i.e. efficiency of the e-commerce platforms. In addition to designing the solution, indicators for measuring the effectiveness of the solution were defined. 3Soft’s objective was to achieve at least 25% increase in the productivity of selected subpages of both e-commerce platforms.
The in-depth analysis resulted in the preparation of documentation which described the following:

  • ways of solving the problem
  • ways of the implementation of the solution in the customer’s environment
  • expected results and methods of their measurement.

Following a detailed business and IT analysis, 3Soft indicated recommendations to solve the selected problems.

Solution from the IT perspective

The implementation process included the following actions:

  • migrating the data related to products, taking into account the need to change the structure of products
  • developing and implementing business process changes in terms of adding descriptions to imported products, through the installation of an add-on to Magento, which enables Product Managers to change the set of product features from the level of the product grid
  • installation of add-ons for Magento that allow the change of product type and product feature set, and the implementation of a custom add-on to Magento that extends the view of product grid in the administration panel by additional columns; the add-on is compatible with Magento Connect Version 2
  • uninstalling unnecessary system overlays and/or reconfiguring others.
  • Average productivity growth of both e-commerce platforms 40% 40%
  • Increased productivity of the subpages of both e-commerce platforms 25% 25%
  • Increased productivity of the subpages in some cases 81% 81%

This resulted in increased satisfaction of Toya’s customers, a smaller percentage of abandoned shopping carts and more products sold. Changing the data structure in terms of product features has resulted in orderly business processes, during which these data are modified or added. 3Soft identified additional areas the optimization of which went beyond the scope of the project. The proposed improvements were welcomed by Toya and implemented. Customer satisfaction with the achieved results made it possible to continue the cooperation between both companies.