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Technologies and projects

80% of our team are the Production Department employees, who use various technologies and programming languages. The largest group are C# programmers working in .Net technology and people specialized in JAVA. We are currently developing a team of specialists in mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We cooperate with Hortonworks in activities related to the Big Data and the Hadoop platform, and with SAS Institute. We work based on the PRINCE methodology, and the fruits of the our developers’ labor are carefully watched by the Quality specialists.

Meet technologies in which we work

Since we create customized IT systems implemented on the basis of technical and business expectations of the client, we work with many industries and use many technologies. We create various projects, and this gives us unlimited opportunities for development. Over the last years we have faced many challenges. If you want to learn about the history of our projects, open the tab containing descriptions of our case studies.

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