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Cookie policy

In this Cookie Policy you will find information on the rules for the use of cookies and similar technologies in connection with the use of the website Additional information about the processing of your personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy:


1. What are cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are short text files stored on the hard drive or in the browser of the end device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) of the user of a website where cookies are used.

Similar technologies, on the other hand, are solutions for collecting data from the browser or end device that use locally shared objects or mass storage, such as flash cookies or HTML 5, as well as other application monitoring technologies.


2. Functions of cookies and similar technologies

Cookies and similar technologies may perform various functions. They are commonly used to enable or improve the operation of websites, as well as to remember user preferences in order to adapt the content of websites to them, to enable the preparation of statistics on website visits or to recommend the most suitable content to the user.


3. Types of cookies

Our website uses cookies that can be read by our IT system (our own cookies) or by a third party IT system (third party cookies). Our own cookies may be used to ensure that the website works properly or to improve its operation, while third-party cookies are used in connection with various tools provided by third parties and used as part of our website (see below for details on the use of third-party cookies).

Some cookies are deleted when you close your web browser (session cookies) and others are stored on your end device for a specified period of time, allowing your browser to be recognized the next time you visit our website (persistent cookies).


4. Consent to cookies and cookies management

The first time you visit our website you will see information about the use of cookies. You can manage cookies from within the site by selecting the categories that interest you. You can also change the settings of cookies from the level of your browser or through the functionality of the website placed below. You can find instructions on how to change cookie settings for particular web browsers in the browser menu or at

Please note that deleting or blocking cookies may cause difficulties in using the website and its various functionalities.


5. Cookie settings