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Unified Data Platform

Readable. Dynamic. Adjusted to your needs. Discover the business value of your data.

Can you imagine not having to spend countless hours preparing reports? Not having to gather numerous spreadsheets and other information scattered in various departments?

Knowing your company data is stored in one place and being able to spend the time saved analyzing the results and drawing conclusions?

With a Unified Data Platform prepared with the specifics of your business in mind, we will combine available sources of information in one place and visualize them in the form of interactive dashboards.

Everything will be correlated in such a way that it carries business value for you and is based on up-to-date data.

Solution scheme

A Unified Data Platform with interactive dashboards (built on PowerBI or another tool of your choice) will allow you to present data from your company in an accessible form at any time.

Importantly, due to the applied integrations with both flat files (e.g. csv., tsc., or json.) , as well as SaaS platforms or received reports, you can be sure that all data in the system is up-to-date and available in real time.

How do we operate?

Creating a data platform is a process that we start together to get the best understanding of your needs.

During a Data Solutions workshop (lasting one or a few days – depending on your needs), we will determine from which sources you obtain data and which reports are crucial for you. Our data and business process analysts will identify the best solutions for you and suggest how to correlate data to make it a source of valuable business information.

Next, within a dozen or so days our experts will prepare a dedicated report with a data architecture proposal, and after your approval, a Unified Data Platform and corresponding dashboards. If necessary, we will conduct a dedicated training course during which you will learn how to read the information and extract maximum business value from it.

We can enhance the Unified Data Platform with Artificial Intelligence solutions, including Machine Learning models that will allow you to see the most common dependencies, deviations from the norm, discrepancies and many other dependencies and anomalies.

Unified Data Platform is:

Saving time and resources

Don’t waste your and your employees’ time uploading and processing data manually

Interactive dashboards

Thanks to the dashboards prepared in PowerBI (or any other system of your choice), you automatically receive reports in graphical form

Single source of truth

All relevant and truthful data about your company available in one place

Dynamic changes

Once prepared, the Data Platform makes it possible to instantly plug in new sources of information, e.g. from new sales channels

Real-time data

Information is provided in real time, so you can keep track of what is going on in your company

Increased efficiency

With the additional use of Machine Learning models, you will gain more information about your business, such as previously unseen dependencies

Visual Dashboards

The interactive dashboards available as part of the Unified Data Platform will allow you to clearly present your data at a place and time of your choice. They will be fully customized to your business and can correlate data from different sources in such a way that it represents real business value for you.

With the ability to grant access to individual dashboards, we can develop them for selected employees, departments, as well as management or supervisory board members – according to your instructions.

Method of operation

The Unified Data Platform is a solution that will work both in the cloud and on-prem.

Already during the first meeting our experts will take your guidelines into account or they will advise you on the most beneficial option for you.


Optimization of maintenance costs


Regulatory compliance
Fixed costs

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