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Recruitment process

After receiving the application, the HR department staff analyze the submitted documents in terms of requirements put before the candidates for individual posts and then contact selected persons to talk and invite them to a meeting at the company’s headquarters or branch.

The job interview at 3Soft consists of 3 stages. All three stages are held on one day.

meeting with HR


You have the opportunity to present yourself to us. Past professional experiences, projects, education and, above all, your expectations related to the new job are the topics that will be discussed during our meeting. You will also learn about 3Soft and the related atmosphere and customs in our company.



The second step involves testing your theoretical knowledge and analytical skills, which are highly valued among 3Soft staff.

meeting with technology


During the last stage of the interview, we will try to satisfy your curiosity about technical issues. We will answer your questions about technology, programming languages and ways of project management. We will also ask you about your technical knowledge.

You will be informed about the result of the interview via e-mail or telephone at a time specified during the interview. We do our best to conduct the whole process in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, so that we can get to know the candidate and present our company and environment to them.

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