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A demanding business environment forces organizations to focus on data management strategies and analysis in order to build a competitive advantage. According to Gartner, more than half of business strategies involve the introduction of continuous intelligence using real-time context data to streamline the decision-making process.

Data governance, master data management, data security and data ownership & stewardship are just a few of the many challenges shaping today’s IT reality. A modern approach to data management requires long-term strategies based on a broad set of competencies, as well as technical and organizational tools.

In recent years, we have witnessed a massive use of dedicated platforms that allow gathering and processing of data at rest and in motion. Companies implement modern ecosystems, such as Apache Hadoop. The aim of these activities is effective data management (including data lineage and data security) and implementation of Data-Driven Business initiatives based on data analysis (including Machine Learning), operating on a large scale in on-premises or cloud infrastructures (including hybrid and multicloud scenarios).

We extract business value from big datasets based on Big Data technologies.

At 3Soft, we design and run advanced data-collecting and processing platforms in accordance with the Data Lake concept. This approach makes it possible to combine and analyze data from various sources (data silos). We rely mainly on the Hadoop technology distributed by Cloudera. In order to meet individual business needs, the Hadoop’s ecosystem must often be supplemented by additional technologies, such as high-speed access databases or queuing systems.

The Cloudera Data Platform allows running computational processes, applications and engines that process data on cluster resources. The platform is open-source and extensible and as such can be closely integrated with the existing IT infrastructure.

The Cloudera Data Flow enables stream data analysis by accelerating data capture processes and lifecycle control in the on-premise or cloud environment. The most commonly used components in this scenario are Apache NiFi, Kafka and Storm.

3Soft is a Partner of Cloudera, a leading provider of data management platforms – the Cloudera Data Platform and the Cloudera Data Flow.

Our experience

Based on our extensive experience gained mainly in banking and the retail sectors, we focus on the comprehensive provision of services in the field of Data Management.

Strategic consultancy

We help companies to start the transformation towards Data-Driven Business by offering dedicated business consultancy in the field of Data Management. During customer workshops, we define a portfolio of initiatives whose implementation will enable effective data collection and processing in accordance with strictly defined business objectives.


We have experience in production environment launches of complex platforms for the collection and processing of large data sets. The implementation process is often carried out in a multi-stage Go-Live model with a time regime maintained, including service windows. We also provide the service of the project architect’s continuous supervision.

Design of data architecture

We design enterprise data architectures, taking into account the scalability and wide range of processing possibilities. Our solutions are deployed in distributed on-premise and cloud environments, and include security, data management, as well as business continuity features.

Technical support and business continuity

We ensure the continuity of system operation by providing round-the-clock technical support that covers both the infrastructure and application layers. Thanks to our holistic approach to the IT environment support, we are a single point of contact for our customers, which facilitates communication with clearly defined responsibility for the functioning of the system.

Large-scale automation of AI models

Data management platforms fit in with modern business needs related to Artificial Intelligence. We have extensive experience in automating the processing of dedicated AI models on a large scale. An example is the parallel running of millions of instances of statistical models for individual sets of input parameters.

Research and development

We believe that only leaders can inspire other leaders. That is why we invest in the development of our own competences in the latest technologies and we provide R&D services for customers who want to build a competitive advantage by using cutting-edge tools and technologies.


Properly managed data, analyzed in organized processes, is a key competitive advantage – it enables making quick, knowledge-based decisions.

Correlation of data from different sources in the Data Lake model

Comprehensive handling of data at rest and in motion, with particular emphasis on data security

Multi-level platform for AI automation

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