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CASE STUDY: Unified Data Platform with Interactive Dashboards


Logo Cleangang
Ikona koszyk zakupowy
Period of cooperation
May 2022 – continued

About the Client

Cleangang is a new brand and a community that is revolutionizing the perception of cleaning. The Cleangang logo is proudly carried by nearly 500 cleaning, laundry and dishwashing products. They make taking care of the home easier and faster, and their high efficiency allows – in the spirit of sustainability – to extend the life of clothes, shoes, furniture and household appliances.

Cleangang equals not only high effectiveness, but also unconventional packaging and unique perfume house-designed fragrances. Cleangang products, which have gained a wide fan base in Germany, are also available in Poland as of late 2022.

About the project

The Unified Data Platform collects customer data from a variety of sources, including external systems such as the ERP system and eCommerce sales platforms, as well as spreadsheet reports provided by external organizations.

Michał Krzesiak
3Soft S.A.

Thanks to the experience of our Data Engineers, we were able to present the client with a proposal to create a Data Platform collecting information from independent sources in one place, regardless of the format of the exported files. The Client no longer has to spend unnecessary time creating reports, as these are available to him at any time in real time, always on the basis of the most up-to-date data. Available dashboards allow for instant visualization and necessary filtering.


The Unified Data Platform collects client’s data on sales, logistics, and more. The prepared processes have automated manual data retrieval and report generation. Initially, the Platform was fed with data from logistics systems and enabled real-time tracking of sales and shipments.

In addition, our analysts noticed that the client was shipping goods in oversized cartons, which resulted in high costs of air freight. With the data available on the Platform and access to historical data, 3Soft’s Data Science department was able to prepare within a few days a Machine Learning model that identified the optimal carton sizes. Using smaller and cheaper cartons allowed the client to optimize costs.

Implementation and development

We started the implementation of the Platform from a Data Discovery workshop, during which our experts learned about the client’s business needs and identified the data sources necessary for the proper operation of the data visualization dashboards. After the workshop, a report was presented to the client, based on which the decision was made to implement the Unified Data Platform. The entire process took our experts a dozen or so working days.

We provide the client with full monitoring of the platform in terms of the correct functioning of the infrastructure components and service availability, and if anomalies are detected, we also provide maintenance in accordance with the adopted SLA.

We are also responsible for maintaining the environment. We ensure the accuracy of the data in the system and the correct operation of the entire environment, both in terms of accessibility and security.

Łukasz Dziubaty, Chief Technology Officer, Cleangang Poland:

The very first meeting with the experts from 3Soft reassured me that we were dealing with people who cared about our business. They suggested the best solutions based on the requirements and needs we had presented, but also pointed out many other possibilities for using data that were worth implementing in Cleangang. Shortly after the implementation of the platform, it turned out that we could make business decisions much faster, and reports were created automatically based on the most up-to-date data. As a result, we do not waste resources on the tedious and repetitive work of preparing reports manually, but instead use them for better analysis and drawing increasingly accurate conclusions.

Unified Analytics Platforms – business effects:

17% savingsin logistics
10% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness

10 dynamic dashboards with visualization of the most up-to-date company data


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