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15 February 2021


On the International Childhood Cancer Day we present a new portal – – a solid base of knowledge about childhood cancers. The platform makes it easier for parents of children with cancer to exchange their experience and provides support related to pediatric oncology.

The portal was created on the initiative of the medical community, the ISKIERKA Foundation and 3Soft and Netology technology companies. Its editorial supervisor is the Polish Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology.

“I remember that a few years ago, during the Strategmed project implemented with professor Tomasz Szczepański, the idea of creating a website for parents of children suffering from leukemia came up, I did not expect that it would eventually look so professional and, more importantly, be filled with such substantive and necessary content. The fact that our paths crossed with Jolanta Czernicka, the President of ISKIERKA Foundation, caused that the visions that had been present in our minds have taken on specific shapes and the work has gained momentum. It is our great satisfaction that we were able to contribute to the creation of this website, and that we, as 3Soft, could help”, says Michal Krzesiak, COO, 3Soft.

“Good cooperation results in good projects. As a mother who accompanied her own child during treatment, I am proud that we, the parents, are the force that gives support not only to our children, but also to one another. It is the parents’ strength that has led to the creation of the ONKORODZICE portal – the effect of good cooperation and combination of various competencies, knowledge and potential of the world of science”, says Jolanta Czernicka-Siwecka, the president of the ISKIERKA Foundation which maintains the portal. contains a lot of important, well-organized and verified information that parents search for most often. An important component is the description of various types of childhood cancers along with diagnoses, symptoms and treatment options. Plenty of space is also devoted to various forms of support, both for sick children and their caregivers. From the “step-by-step guide to diagnosis”, through psychological, social and therapeutic assistance. The portal is still being expanded and will continue to develop with technological support from 3Soft.

We encourage you to visit the platform, as it is a truly unique place in the Polish Internet space: