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We are now operating from a new head office!

6 September 2022

Our office is currently located in Katowice at ul. Gawronów 6. The spaces designed by the DNA Architekci studio are a response to the needs associated with the hybrid working model and the company’s continued development.

Our new head office occupies two floors in an office and service building belonging to Holdimex. The nearly 1,000 m2 includes both traditional office rooms as well as meeting rooms, co-working spaces, a room for quiet work, one-2-one meeting room, chillout room, two kitchens, reception and technical rooms. The office also includes a 170 m2 terrace. The arrangement of office space takes into account different working styles and needs of employees.

Designed for employees

The interior design factored in the specific nature of the hybrid working model. Great emphasis was placed on the flexibility and multifunctionality of the space. At the same time, we took into account market opinions and data which show that despite many advantages of remote work, a noticeable portion of people performing their duties in this system complain of a significant weakening of ties with their co-workers. It has therefore become an important objective of the new spaces, in addition to providing an adequate number of workstations and comfortable environment for the performance of professional duties, to also promote building relationships between employees.

Monika Wawoczny, the Head of Human Resources in our company, admits that onsite work often allows employees to build better relationships and fosters the creation of organizational culture.

“An important factor that inspires part of our team to work in the office are people. When working remotely, they miss the atmosphere in the office, eating together and meetings over coffee.The meetings in our kitchen, thanks to seemingly random conversations or additional questions from a person joining the discussion, often resulted in interesting design solutions. Working from office helps to separate work and private life. Leaving the company building, it is easier to mentally “switch” to rest mode. In the new office, we have prepared spaces that encourage integration. The kitchen with a large table invites you to eat meals together and the professional coffee machine to meet and chat. We have a chillout zone with a game console, darts and table football. Fans of board games and chess will also find a nice corner for themselves,” she lists. “These spaces, as well as the spacious terrace, can be used for relaxation, but they are also great for teamwork, e.g. more casual brainstorming and relationship building,” she adds.

Flexible office solutions

For employees who prefer to work from home and show up in the office occasionally, co-working spaces have been prepared. They feature shared workstations – everyone is free to choose which of the available seats they wish to take. There are also desks available in the quiet work rooms which offer perfect conditions for concentration. Each employee has a personal locker for storing their belongings until the next visit in the office.

“We implemented the hybrid working model at 3Soft a while ago. We allow our employees a great deal of flexibility in choosing their preferred place of work. At the same time, in the new office, we tried to create such conditions that make the employee feel comfortable, no matter when they show up. We encourage our employees to visit the office as often as possible, because we can see many benefits of this,” concludes Monika Wawoczny.

Modern and functional

When designing the office, we opted for a modern style. The interior is consistent with our visual identity. It is dominated by shades of white, grey and black.  A strong accent to give the whole a more dynamic character is the distinctive raspberry red on the ceilings.

“When analysing the characteristics of 3Soft, we noted the new dimension of modernity, innovative solutions, technical and clean style, openness to innovation and technology, as well as its location in Silesia. Alluding to the company’s identifying colour, we proposed the use of raspberry paint on the ceilings and installations. We have thus gained a dominant colour while maintaining the principle of interior branding consistent with the logotype. This bold solution shows that 3Soft has character, energy to act and is not afraid of unconventional solutions,” explains Dominika Skałuba, CEO of the DNA Architekci studio based in Gliwice which is responsible for this interior design.

The conference rooms, thanks to extensive glazing, are well illuminated. In these rooms, the ceilings are black and acoustic. They provide good soundproofing while simultaneously creating perfect conditions for concentration. The size of the rooms is suitable for different types of meetings – they work well for small team meetings, videoconferences, as well as meetings in larger groups.

“Because of the monochrome black, the conference rooms are somewhat reminiscent of Silesia, but above all, they stand out in the office space and are designed to increase the concentration of people participating in the meetings through their minimalism,” adds Dominika Skałuba.
The architect also emphasizes that the biggest challenge was to create open spaces which include the so-called “quiet places”. The most interesting to design, however, was the chillout room.

“Thanks to the trust of 3Soft, we were able to create a bold concept taking into account user needs. Compared to other companies, the office interior is distinguished by the raspberry colour in a non-obvious application on the ceiling and the distinctive lighting. The rooms highlight the unconventional approach to each task, even to furnishing their own head office,” the CEO of DNA Architekci summarizes the works.

Eco-friendly and well-connected office

In the new office, we made sure to provide environmentally friendly solutions. Motion sensor systems help save energy. The kitchens are equipped with waste separation bins. We collect plastic caps which are later donated to a collection run by an animal shelter.  The popular water dispensers were replaced by special devices for filtering tap water, which reduces plastic consumption.

It is worth mentioning that the new head office is close to the center of Katowice, which ensures great communication for employees from all over Upper Silesia. Near the office building, there are many commercial and service premises, including grocery shops, restaurants, bakeries, drugstores, schools and nurseries. A few minutes’ walk away, there is the Kościuszko Park, and cyclists can quickly reach the Valley of Three Ponds or wander the forest trails.

If you liked our new headquarters and would like to join our team, be sure to check the current job offers.

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