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We stand with Ukraine

4 March 2022

March 4 at 3SOFT S.A. we are celebrating our 19th birthday. This is a most joyous occasion, but all the time our thoughts are with Ukraine and its people.

Photos of a temporary home for Ukrainian families
We believe in solidarity and the power of helping, which is why we have decided to financially support the setting up of a temporary home for Ukrainian families by Fundacja Giesche, Bajka Pana Kleksa and Fundacja Skin Concept in Fabryka Porcelany (Poland, Katowice). Mothers and children will be able to find here shelter and comprehensive care, including the support of psychologists, interpreters, lawyers, cultural activities organizers, as well as doctors.

We hope that this initiative will contribute at least a little to the improvement of the situation of our neighbors in these extremely difficult moments. We are with you.