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Chief Strategy Officer – Kamil Folkert’s new role at 3Soft

18 September 2021

Changes at the highest level of 3Soft‘s personnel structure. Kamil Folkert, PhD, member of the Management Board, who has so far served as the Chief Technology Officer, has taken up the newly created position of Chief Strategy Officer. He will be responsible for planning and execution of the company’s strategy for development in Poland and in foreign markets.  

Kamil Folkert, CSO 3Soft

Kamil Folkert has been working at 3Soft since October 2010. Since June 2015, he has been serving as a member of the company’s Management Board. He has extensive experience in designing, implementing and deploying Big Data architecture solutions for advanced analytics automation (including deep learning), in both cloud and on-prem environments. He has advised and participated in the development of strategic digital transformation programmes in the field of Data Management for entities in the financial and energy sectors. He has supervised over data management projects for banks and companies in the telco, retail and automotive industries.  

As a CSO, he will be responsible for creating, together with the CEO, a comprehensive development strategy for the company and overseeing its proper execution. He will be identifying investment opportunities on an international scale and analysing potential targets for mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances (joint ventures, capital projects). His duties will also include coordinating selected business initiatives, negotiating contracts with key customers and managing strategic partnerships.