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VIDEO: A talk at a virtual event by Cloudera

6 August 2021

The virtual event “Transform innovative ideas into data-driven insights” held by our technology partner Cloudera is behind us.

During the talk entitled “Demand Forecasting: the heartbeat of retail business excellence” Kamil Folkert, CTO, 3Soft, and Brent Biddulph, MD, Retail & Consumer Goods Industry, Cloudera, broke down the details of the Artificial Intelligence-powered @demand forecasting process. The presentation included some mind-blowing statistics and case studies, and it provided answers to questions often asked by retailers:

– What benefits does demand forecasting allow companies to achieve?
– Can AI-based solutions be implemented in any enterprise?
– Can forecasting be effective for perishable foods?
– How does the Occubee platform help retailers forecast their sales better?

Those who could not attend the event can watch the video here:


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