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OCCUBEE platform – a new product by 3Soft

28 September 2020

Occubee platform

3Soft is launching a new product – OCCUBEE –  AI platform for Data-Driven Retail.

The OCCUBEE platform automatically translates sales data, information about hundreds or thousands of products and dozens of retail-specific factors into reliable sales and demand forecasts.

“For 17 years 3Soft has been supporting the largest companies in building competitive advantage by using advanced data analysis and Artificial Intelligence. In recent years we have been focusing on the retail industry and producers selling in retail. We have used our experience from working with market leaders to create the OCCUBEE platform. OCCUBEE fully responds to the needs of those retailers who do not have specialized knowledge in the field of Data Science or a sophisticated technological infrastructure, but want to use advanced data analysis for precise sales forecasting.” – says Michał Koziara, CEO at 3Soft S.A.

The OCCUBEE platform automatically generates daily sales forecasts for offline and online channels, at a store and item level, based on daily receipt sales, supported by internal  and external attributes, such as: marketing actions, weather, seasonality of sales, holiday periods and special events, applied when required. On the basis of sales data, it is also possible to forecast demand in the medium and long term at the level of markets or warehouses and product groups, taking into account external factors, such as long term sales trends or changes in consumer behavior.

“OCCUBEE is based on the Data Lake architecture, which enables secure and efficient processing of data from various sources, such as points-of-sale, warehouses, e-commerce, or supply chain data. From the data analysis perspective, OCCUBEE combines a wide range of Data Science solutions, using different statistical methods in the process of models building and training. Artificial Intelligence algorithms generate accurate forecasts for thousands of products simultaneously, taking into account internal and external factors specific to the retail industry.”  – says Kamil Folkert, CTO at 3Soft.

OCCUBEE does not require making changes to business processes and it does not interfere with the client’s transactional systems, which minimizes the implementation risk. Data is exchanged between transactional systems and stored in the MS Azure cloud. The platform is available in the SaaS model.

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